Heavy Water Production

    Sr. No Heavy Water Plant Location Process Date of commissioning
    1 Nangal, Punjab (#) Hydrogen Liquification and Distillation Aug, 1962
    2 Baroda, Gujarat (*) Monothermal Ammonia-Hydrogen Exchange July, 1977
    3 Tuticorin, Tamilnadu Monothermal Ammonia-Hydrogen Exchange July,1978
    4 Talcher, Orissa (**) Bi-thermal Ammonia - Hydrogen Exchange March, 1978
    5 Kota, Rajasthan Hydrogen Sulphide - Water Exchange April, 1985
    6 Thal, Maharashtra Monothermal Ammonia - Hydrogen Exchange February, 1987
    7 Hazira, Gujarat Monothermal Ammonia - Hydrogen Exchange February, 1991
    8 Manuguru, Andhra Pradesh Hydrogen Sulphide Water Exchange December, 1991

    (#)HWP (Nangal): The Heavy Water Plant, Nangal decommissioned in 2002.

    (*)HWP (Baroda): The plant was modified in 2006 with Ammonia Water Front End for Technology Demonstration. After establishing the technology, the plant operation has been stopped with effect from 01.04.2011. Production facility for TBP Solvents had been established in 2010.

    (**) HWP (Talcher): Operation of the Plant at Talcher had to be suspended with effect from 29th April, 1994 due to non-availability of feed synthesis gas on a sustained basis. The infrastructure facility at Talcher is being utilised to diversify the activities for the Board in producing High purity solvents, such as TOPS-99(D2EHPA), TBP,etc.

    Last updated on: 03-Dec-2018