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February, 2005
First consignment of TBP from Talcher to NRG, Tarapur.
November 6, 2004
Chairman (AEC), Dr. Anil Kakodkar inaugrated the Vapour Abosrption Refrigeration System and laid Foundation Stone for Sodium Metal Production Facility & poured concrete for equipment foundation for Boron Enrichment facility at HWP (Manuguru).
July 19, 2004
Revived Baroda Plant dedicated to nation by Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman(AEC) & Secretary, Govt. of India, DAE.
May 13, 2004
HWP, Kota certified for IS 18001 first among the DAE Units.
December 12, 2001
Inauguration of "Integrated Information System" at Heavy Water Board, Mumbai.
August, 2001
Setting up of HWB-NFC Training School at Hyderabad.
July 12, 2001
Laying of Foundation stone for Tri Butyl Phosphate facility at Heavy Water Plant, Talcher.
September12, 2000
Signing of MOU with M/s. Chemithon Engineers Ltd. for transfer of Technology of "Flue Gas Conditioning System".
June 28, 2000
Signing of second Contract with M/s. Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) for supply of 16 Te of Heavy Water.
March 16, 2000
Launching of Heavy Water Board Website www.heavywaterboard.org
December 1999
ISO-9002 Certification of Heavy Water Plant, Tuticorin from bureau of Indian Standards.
September, 1999
Inaugration of Pilot Plant for the production of Solvents at Heavy Water Plant, Talcher.
May, 1998
100 Te of Heavy Water delivered to M/s. KEPCO.
April 08, 1994
Signing of Contract with M/s. Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) for supply of 100 Te of Heavy Water.
December, 1991
Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru was declared commercial.
December 25, 1990
Production of first drop of Heavy Water at Hazira.
February 17, 1989
Renaming of "Heavy Water Projects" as Heavy Water Board".
October 28, 1986
Production of first drop of Heavy Water at Thal.
April, 1986
Heavy Water Plant, Hazira - sanctioned.
April, 1985
Heavy Water Plant, Kota was declared commercial.
October 24, 1984
Production of first drop of Heavy Water at Talcher.
September, 1982
Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru with the capacity of 185 Te/year-sanctioned.
August 17, 1978
Production of first drop of Heavy water at Tuticorin.
July 04,1977
Production of first drop of Heavy Water at Baroda.
November, 1973
Transportation of main exchange tower of Heavy Water Plant, Baroda.
August 24, 1972
Signing of contract with M/s UHDE for Heavy Water Plant, Talcher.
April 10, 1971
Signing of agreement with M/s Gelpra for Heavy Water Plant, Tuticorin.
May, 1970
Heavy Water Plant, Kota with the capacity of 100 Te/year -sanctioned.
August 07, 1969
Signing of contract with M/s Gelpra for Heavy Water Plant, Baroda.
May 01, 1969
Creation of "Heavy Water Projects Board" under DAE for managing the projects for the production of Heavy Water.
09 August, 1962
Production of first drop of heavy water at Heavy Water Plant, Nangal.
November, 1954
Dr. Homi Bhabha mooted the idea of setting up a fertilizer cum Heavy Water Plant Complex at Nangal.
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