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Heavy Water Board
Department of Atomic Energy
Government of India

Development programme for non-nuclear applications of heavy water and deuterium
Heavy Water Board (HWB), Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India is one of the largest producers of heavy water( Deuterium oxide,D2O). After taking note of the emerging potential of use of deuterium in various non-nuclear applications, HWB intends to collaborate with ‘Academic, R&D and Commercial organizations’ in taking forward these activities through appropriate agreements / collaborations. The following programmes have been decided for consideration of these developments:
1. R&D programmes using heavy water in academic institutions & National
institutes of repute
2. Commercial activities on development of various D-labeled compounds and APIs
(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
3. Investigative studies using deuterium as a tracer in survey activities / kinetic
The eligibility of participation in the above activities is as given below:
i) The academic institutions shall be national institutes of central / state governments or institutions of repute and be located inside Indian territories
ii) The R&D unit should be registered in India and must fulfill the criteria of Small Business Unit (not more than 500 employees in R&D)
iii) The academic/R&D/commercial organizations shall be willing to enter into collaboration / agreement with HWB in the development
iv) The commercial organizations shall be having controlling shares (51%) by
resident Indians/Registered Indian companies
v) The Industry should have a well established in-house R&D unit recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) or should be well established and registered / accredited unit in the field of synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) with more than 10 (ten) years experience and willing to set up dedicated lab for deuterium chemistry.
vi) The participating companies shall have appropriate knowledgebase in the areas related to work on deuterium compounds
vii) Heavy water Board will not be providing any financial support. However, HWB will provide committed long term supply of heavy water by way of sale and may take back low grade heavy water (not less than 40% isotopic purity) generated in the process which will be subjected to certain pre-conditions
viii) Heavy Water is a material that requires application of various regulations and controls on its issue and use. The organization entering into collaborative work with HWB will have to comply with the regulations on use of heavy water and deuterium as per the laws of the country and shall be accountable to HWB for heavy water supplied and its applications.
ix) HWB retains the rights to summarily reject any of the applications without mentioning any specific reason(s)
x) Interested Organizations are requested to submit their applications with the details of the proposed work to be taken by them in this field, its company profile, documents of registration, solvency certificates issued by bank copy of returns filed with income tax, sales tax, details of the turn over for previous five years etc at the following address:
Director (Operation),
Heavy Water Board , Department of Atomic Energy
5th Floor, Vikram Sarabhai Bhavan,
Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400094

Tel: +91-22-2548 6511 / 2556 7847

Fax: +91-22-2556 3360 /2556 3243
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