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Tenders (above Rs. 10 Lakhs)

e-Tendering Portal (From 1st November 2012 onwards all tenders above Rs. 10 Lakhs shall be processed on e-Tendering basis, i.e. On-line download, submission and opening of tenders.)

Published Date Date of Sale of Tender From - To Last Date of Receipt Tender Notice No. Subject
25.07.2017 25.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 03.08.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 08.08.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 20,73,057/-

Day to day repair and maintenance work at HWPK plant site for the year 2017-18.
21.07.2017 25.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 03.08.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 08.08.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 26,31,598/-

Construction of path for patrolling of CISF along the periphery wall at HWP colony, Kota.
21.07.2017 21.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 28.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 01.08.2017 (15:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 25,17,034/-

Provision of approach road for crane and LPG tanker movement, paving area etc at Heavy Water Plant, Kota.
21.07.2017 19/07/2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 27.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 31.07.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:12,91,195 /-

Operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant, supporting services at WTP, cleaning of water tanks etc. at HWPK colony 2017-2018.
19.07.2017 20.07.2017 (09:30 Hrs.) to 10.08.2017 (23:00 Hrs.) 24.08.2017 (23:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 3,09,60,148/- (Excluding GST)

Renovation works(both civil and electrical of residential units at Heavy Water Plant Talcher)
12.07.2017 14.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 27.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 01.08.2017 (15:00 Hrs.)

HWP (B)/CIVIL/2017/09

Estimated Cost: 24,90,000/- + G.S.T.

Annual maintenance of lawns & gardens at Heavy Water Plant, Baroda.
12.07.2017 13.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 24.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 29.07.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:13,12,725/-

Annual contract for assisting the jobs for handling and maintenance of various safety appliances in round the clock shift and general shift at HWPK.
10.07.2017 07.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 21.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 25.07.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 20,50,537/-

Preparation & removal of scaffoldings including material handling & cleaning of components, equipments etc. at HWPK site during MTA-17.
10.07.2017 07.07.2017 (10:00 Hrs.) to 21.07.2017 (15:00 Hrs.) 25.07.2017 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: 10,54,910/-

Supply and replacement of damaged components in induced draft pultruded FRP counter flow cooling tower at Heavy Water Plant (Kota) site.
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