Other Activities
Sodium metal Plant:

Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (BHAVINI), a public sector enterprise of Govt. of India under the administrative control of Department of Atomic Energy is setting up Proto type Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) of 600 MW capacity at Kalpakkam. PFBR requires 2200 MT of Sodium Metal as coolant in the primary and secondary circuit of reactor. There is no production facility for Sodium Metal in India. In order to achieve self reliance in nuclear programme, HWB has been given mandate to produce Nuclear grade Sodium Metal to be used in PFBR.

In order to meet the requirement of Sodium metal for use in Prototype Fast breeder reactor, HWB has planned to set up a Sodium Metal production unit based on electrolysis process. Heavy Water Plant situated at Baroda in the Gujarat state is a constituent unit of Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India engaged in the production of strategic materials like, Tri-butyl Phosphate and Potassium Metal for captive consumption within Department of Atomic Energy.

The development of an indigenous cell for production of Sodium Metal at HWP (B) is in progress. Presently, a 2KA test cell has been installed since 2013 & being operated at HWP (B). A 600 TPA sodium plant will be set up at HWP(B) and initially, a prototype sodium cell of 24/36 KA will be installed & operated prior to setting up a full fledge plant at HWP (B).

A bench scale sodium purification unit will be set up at HWP(B) site for purification of commercial grade sodium produced in sodium plant to nuclear grade.

Deuterium gas:

HWP(B) has been supplying deuterium gas for the manufacture of optical fiber.

D-labeled compounds:

Synthesis of some of the D-labeled compounds extensively used in NMR has been taken up by HWP (B).

Following Deuterated compounds have been synthesized in HWP (B) lab.





Di-methyl Sulfoxide-d6












Deuterium Chloride



Deuterium Sulphate



Potassium Deuteroxide



Operator Training Simulator was installed at HWP(B) and same was inaugurated by Chief Executive, HWB on 16.7.18.

Last updated on: 05-Feb-2019