Other Activities
Boron facilities:

Natural Boric acid is the raw material for Enriched Boric acid of isotopic purity 65% of B-10 by Ion Exchange Chromatography method at BEP facility of HWP(M).Natural Boric acid contains 20% of B10 and 80% of B11 isotopes of Boron. The production capacity of BEP facility is 1.26 MT/year. This Enriched Boric acid is converted into Elemental Boron by Electro Winning method. The production capacity of Elemental Boron Plant (EBP) is 220 kg/year of enriched Elemental Boron of 65% B10. The enriched Elemental Boron of 65% B10 is synthesised to B4C powder with calcined petroleum coke in Hi-vacuum Induction Furnace.The synthesised B4C powder is pelletized in Hot Press followed by finishing the product pellets to the desired size &shape in Special Purpose Machine.


12 MWp Solar Power Plant:

HWPM has been conscious of its environmental obligation and has taken various measures to reduce the carbon footprints. 12 MWp Solar Power Plant has been recently set up to produce green energy.

Oxygen -18 enriched water production facility:

India’s first indigenously developed O-18enriched waterPlant is installed at HWP, Manuguru. A Ten stage cascade Vacuum distillation process is adopted for enrichment of O-18. The unit is designed to produce 100 kg/annum at 10% IP or 10 kg/annum at 95.5% IP. Oxygen-18 enriched water is used in PET scanning for detection of cancer cells and also used for metabolic studies.Presently, enrichment is in progress.

Last updated on: 12-Apr-2019