Chief Executive's Message

Dear friends and colleagues ,

It is indeed a matter of proud and honour to lead the prestigious organization Heavy Water Board. This esteemed organization has been led by many visionary and strong willed leaders in the past who have ushered it to glorious era. Their contribution is the legacy of HWB which will be cherished for long.


It really feels great to be part of heavy water program from struggle to self reliance. Working at plant sites in different capacities was an enriching experience and gave me an opportunity to understand, innovate and resolve problems faced in commissioning and operation of plants and also provided an insight to difficulties faced by personnel at plant sites. This experience has helped me to be logical and pragmatic in my approach while dealing with various challenges faced by the organization.


Heavy water Board has successfully completed the journey of almost half century and is successfully supporting the Department’s activities including first and second phase of Indian Nuclear Programme and nuclear fuel cycle.


Recognizing the capabilities of HWB,DAE has broadened our mandate from heavy water production to specialty materials.Our vast industrial experience and innovative approach has paid rich dividends inlarge scale production of nuclear solvents for closed fuel cycle, boron carbide pellets and sodium metals for fast reactor program and Oxygen-18 water for societal applications. Our deliverance has raised expectations of our organization from each of us and I am sure we will achieve it as a team.


HWB has always kept safety its first priority. As our experienced staff is on verge of retirement and new recruits are taking charge at various stages, I would like to ensure that legacy of high standards of safety issuccessively passed on seamlessly.


I believe that running an organization and etching new milestones is not possible without a team and hope that I will continue to get immense support from all my colleagues and help the organization to attain new height.



Jitendra Srivastava

Chairman & Chief Executive

Heavy Water Board


Last updated on: 14-Dec-2021