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10B Enriched Boron is used for nuclear as well as analytical purposes. The controlled fission reaction is sustained by use of 10B Enriched Boron carbide pellets in the form of control rods. In the event of an uncontrolled chain reaction in the Nuclear Reactors, the control rods are used to absorb the extra neutrons, thus controlling the chain reaction.

10B Enriched Boric Acid is used as liquid poison to the reaction in Light Water Reactor, to achieve sudden seizure of fission reaction.

HWB is involved with the production of all forms of 10B Enriched Boron at Talcher & Manuguru.


Form of Enriched Boron Specification (IP)* Applications
10B Enriched Elemental Boron > 90% Neutron Detector
10B Enriched Boron Carbide Pellet >65%
Control rod- PFBR
Control rod - FBTR
10B Enriched Boric Acid 50% to 90% Reaction poisoning for Light Water Reactor
Enriched BF3 gas > 90 % Neutron Detector

*IP : Isotopic Purity.

Last updated on: 03-Aug-2023