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Responsibilities of Designated Officers
General Manager
  • General Manager is the head of the unit and is responsible for Safe & efficient running of the plant by effective utilisation of resources to fulfill the specified requirements.
  • Liaison with Central Office and other external agencies.
  • Budgeting and Procurement.
  • Co-ordination with various sections to ensure timely delivery of finished product.
  • Handling of amendment with respect to contract reviews.
  • Maintaining good industrial and public relations.
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of statutory requirements.
Deputy General Manager
  • In the absence of General Manager, taking care of all his responsibilities in addition to his own responsibilities.
  • Assisting General Manager in all technical matters and giving administrative support.
  • Day-to-day co-ordination of all the technical activities of the plant.
  • Analysis of plant performance, quality control.
  • Co-ordinating budgeting and procurement.
  • Review and implementation of the recommendations of various audits / inspections / committees.
  • Investigation of Safety/Process Related events such as NMI, accidents etc.
  • Chairman of the Local Modification committee.
Technical Services Manager
  • Overall in-charge of Technical Services Section which includes Training and Authorisation, In-service Inspection & Energy Conservation, Fire Services, drawing Office, Library and Chemical control Laboratory.
  • Analysis and quality control activities.
  • Capital schemes-Implementing new projects assignments.
  • Plant performance and trip analysis.
  • Calibration of listed instruments of Technical Services Section.
Maintenance Manager
  • Overall in-charge of Maintenance Sections.
  • Planning for all the maintenance activities.
  • Co-ordination with all the maintenance sections.
  • Indigenisation of plant equipments & spares.
  • Ensuring statutory requirements w.r.t equipment & machines.
  • Co-ordinating Budgeting and procurement.
Deputy Technical Services Manager
  • Assisting Techincal Services Manager in activities like Training, Authorisation, In-service Inspection & Energy Conservation, Fire Safety and Drawing Office / Library Document Control.
  • Imparting Training and Implementation of QIS to Plant Personnel.
  • Initiating and recommending solutions for activities affecting quality.
  • Emphasising and implementing continual improvement programme.
  • Ensuring availability of pertinent documents at all points of use and with-drawal of obsolete documents.
  • Preparation, review, recommendation and expediting of indents.
  • Budgeting and Procurement.
Deputy Production Manager
  • Ensuring that the Heavy Water produced meets the specified requirements
  • Safe and smooth running of all new operational activities and also Preservation activities
  • Safe and efficient operation of the plant including necessary corrective action as the situation demands.
  • Planning of jobs to be taken up during shut down. Ensuring that the effluents are controlled conforming to Central/State pollution control board norms.
  • Monitoring and analysis of plant performance.
  • Budgeting and procurement.
Dy. Maintenance Manager (Instrumentation)
  • Overall activities of Instrumentation Section.
  • Maintenance of Telecommunication System, and Physical protection System.
  • Calibration of Master and listed Instruments of Instrumentation Section.
  • Indenting, procurement and liaison with vendors.
  • Budget proposals and reports
  • Preparation of reports.
Deputy Maintenance Manager (Mechanical)
  • Overall incharge of Mechanical Section and Auto Garage.
  • Implementing and maintaining Quality System for Mechanical Section and Auto Garage.
  • Erection and testing of equipments of new projects.
  • Calibration of master and listed instruments of mechanical section
Deputy Maintenance Manager (Electrical)
  • Overall incharge of Electrical Section.
  • All the activities of the electrical section connected with Plant and Housing Colony.
  • Co-ordinating with TNEB and CEA.
  • Calibration of master and listed instruments of electrical section.
  • Preparation, review, recommendation and expediting of indents.
  • Budgeting and Procurement.
Engineer-in-charge (Civil)
  • Overall activities of civil sections at plant and colony.
  • Construction of new project activities
  • Regulation and maintenance of drinking water supply network at plant.
  • Operation and maintenance of sewage network at plant site.
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply and sewage networks at colony.
  • Maintenance of industrial and office buildings, water tanks & RCC structures
  • Maintenance of roads, storm water drains.
  • Development and maintenance of horticultural works such as lawns, hedges, flower beds and plants.
  • Indenting, procurement and liaison with vendors.
  • Co-ordination with other sections.
  • Liaison with M/s TWAD and M/s SPIC authorities.
  • Preparation of budget proposals.
Engineer- in -Charge (Process Control & Analytical Lab)
  • All laboratory activities.
  • Adopting reliable and updated analytical methods.
  • Maintaining analytical instruments to keep them ready for use at any time.
  • Calibration of instruments and standardizing of reagents for accurate results.
  • Adopting environmentally safe and correct sampling procedures.
  • Reporting the analytical results without delay for necessary follow up action by production personnel.
  • Generating analytical data by instrumental and chemical methods under different operating conditions of the plant and giving feed back to production section for their studies.
Safety Officer
  • Overall In-charge of Safety Section.
  • Providing Safety related training to employees and contract labourers.
  • Reviewing plant surveillance reports with respect to safety, operations and maintenance of the plant.
  • Authorizing jobs against the Class-I permits.
  • Interaction with Safety Professionals of DAE, neighbouring industries, NSC, CLI, RLI and LPA in safety related matters.
Medical Officer
  • Ensuring AMC is conducted for all employees.
  • Ensuring health services are provided to all CHSS beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring preventive inoculations against preventable disease are given to employees & their dependants.
  • Conducting health awareness programmes.
Administrative Officer
  • Over-all in-charge of Administration Section, which includes activities like Personnel, Administration, Estate Management, Industrial relations, Welfare, Official language implementation and Security & Transport arrangements.
  • Regular returns to HWB/DAE.
  • Co-ordination with Chief Administrative Officer, HWB and DAE in administrative matters.
  • Coordinating with M/s. SPIC for administrative matters.
  • co-ordinating with government authorities.
  • Implementing and maintaining Quality System for Administration Section.
  • Providing advice to competent authority in Administrative matters.
  • Preparation, review, recommendation and expediting of indents.
  • Budgeting and Procurement.
  • Emphasizing and implementing continuous improvement programme.
  • Functions as Estate Officer.
Pay And Accounts Officer
  • Overall In-charge of Accounts Section.
  • Drawl of money from SBI, SPIC Nagar.
  • All authorised payments including salary disbursement.
  • Budgeting and Procurement.
  • Co-ordinating with M/s SPIC in Financial matters.
  • Guiding competent authority in financial matters.
  • Approving the reports from the Accounts.
  • Scrutinising the purchase proposals and passing of purchase bills.
  • Functioning as a member in VEC.
  • Functioning as a member in committee for disposal of surplus and scrap items.
Security Officer
  • Overall in-charge of Security and Transport sections.
  • Deployment of Government vehicles.
  • Issue of identity cards for employees.
  • Issue of passes for contract personnel.
  • Liaison with Government authorities.

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