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Non Nuclear Applications

Deuterium is doubly massed stable isotope of hydrogen and hence Water and Heavy Water exhibit certain difference in its physical properties such as boiling point, freezing point, densities, etc. If we compare the structure of normal Water and Heavy Water, their bond energy, bond length and bond angle are different which play a major role in Non- Nuclear Applications of Heavy Water and Deuterium in various fields as listed below.

Promising fields are:
  • Synthesis of Low Water peak optical fiber
  • Semiconductors
  • OLED Applications
  • Deuterated APIs and Drugs.
  • Deuterated compounds - NMR Solvents / precursors
  • Deuterium in Life Science Applications
  • Preservation of Biomaterials
  • Heavy Water & Doubly Labeled Water - Nutrition and metabolism studies
  • Deuterium as tracer for petroleum exploration & bio-tracer

Know More…

HWB has synthesized few deuterated compounds at HWP, Baroda; such as Chloroform-d, DMSO-d6, Acetone-d6, Acetonitrile-d3 and Benzene-d6, which are used as NMR solvents and sold through BRIT.

India being the largest producer of Heavy Water in the World, HWB promotes utilization of Heavy Water and Deuterium for Non- Nuclear Applications through collaborations with Indian Companies, Research Institutes / Academics.

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Last updated on: 14-Dec-2023