पदनामित अधिकारियों का उत्‍तरदायित्‍व
हिंदी पाठ यथाशीघ्र उपलब्‍ध होगा
Chief Executive

Head of the unit and responsible for all activities of HWB as summarized below:

  • Efficient operations of all Heavy Water Plants.
  • Planning & Review of Projects and R & D Activities.
  • Seeking Government approval for planned activities viz. Five Year Plan, Annual Plan and specific Projects.
  • Approval of Contracts and Purchases as per delegation.
  • Costing of Heavy Water & other Products and obtaining Government Approval.
  • Recruitment / Promotion of Scientific, Technical & Administrative Staff.
  • Supply of Heavy Water and other Products within DAE and other Organization in India for specified use.
  • Export of Heavy Water and other products after Government Approval.
Director (Operation)
  • Safe & Efficient operation of Heavy Water Plants at Manuguru, Kota, Hazira, Thal, Baroda and Tuticorin.
  • Review & Evaluation of plants performance including Process Chemistry & Quality Control.
  • In-service Inspection and Plant Life Management.
  • Demand supply of Heavy Water from Nuclear Power Programme.
  • Chairman of Heavy Water DAE Stock Verification Committee.
  • Promotion of Non-Nuclear Applications of Heavy Water Energy Management / Conservation at HWPs.
  • Budget Planning and Monitoring.
  • Implementation of Capital Projects at HWP Sites.
  • Nodal Officer for Parliament related matters.
  • Transparency Officer of Heavy Water Board.
  • 'Spokesman' in respect of activities of HWB and HWPs.
  • Approval of Contracts and Purchases as per delegation.
Director (Engineering)
  • Providing engineering inputs in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Civil Engineering for O&M and Project activities of HWB.
  • Implementation of connected Capital projects under continuing schemes of XII Plan and new schemes.
  • Processing of all case files in HWB(CO) related to site work orders, purchase orders recommendations, extension of time, levy of compensation, etc through concerned Director.
  • All activities related to In-Service inspection & ageing/life extension/design adequacy assessment, Maintenance & Outage management of HWPs.
  • Indigenisation of spares for HWP's and standardization of specification for various components.
Director (Technical)
  • Development of contemporary technologies in the area of separation of lighter isotopes and exploitation of spin-off technologies for benefit of chemical and power sector industries.
  • Identification of areas of sponsored/collaborative R&D projects and also providing co-ordinatorship with responsibilities to shape/monitor inter-disciplinary activities related to HWPs/HWB within DAE Units and outside agencies.
  • Implementation and monitoring of all connected projects/capital schemes continuing from XIth Plan and new schemes of XIIth Plan under both I&M and R&D sectors.
  • Engineering support to R&D, Projects & Operating plants
Executive Director (Technical)
  • Development of contemporary technologies in the area of separation of lighter isotopes and exploitation of spin-off opportunities for benefit of chemical and power sector industries.
  • Demonstration and deployment of Solvent Extraction and associated technologies for recovery of rare materials from secondary sources.
  • Development, demonstration, deployment of Solvent synthesis and production technologies.
  • Identification of areas of sponsored/collaborative R&D projects and also providing co-ordinatorship with responsibilities to shape/monitor inter-disciplinary activities related to HWPs/HWB within DAE Units and outside agencies.
Executive Director (Operation)
  • Responsible for safe and efficient operation of Heavy Water Plants located at Kota, Talcher, Baroda & Hazira including UOF of NRB and implementation of Sodium Metal Plant at Baroda.
Associate Director (Operation)
  • Responsible for safe and efficient operation of Heavy Water Plants at Manuguru, Tuticorin and Thal including development activities at these sites and implementation of MRTDDF.
Associate Director (HRD, MIS, & HWM)
  • Process Data Management of HWPs.
  • Plant Performance Reports / DAE Reports / Board Reports.
  • All matters related to management of Heavy Water including Demand-Supply analysis etc.
  • Assisting in matters related to non-nuclear applications of Heavy Water.
  • Matters related to Parliament Questions.
  • Processing of case files related to procurement of chemicals and other materials for HWPs.
  • All matters related to export of Heavy Water.
  • Designing & conducting of in-house HRD training programme and induction training
Associate Director (Operation)
  • Responsible for safe & efficient operation of Heavy Water Plants at Manuguru, Tuticorin and Thal including developmental activities at these sites.
Associate Director (O-S)
  • Operation & maintenance of Heavy Water Plants/ other production facilities at Hazira, Talcher & Tuticorin including development activities at these sites
Senior General Manager (Safety, Health & Environment)
  • Responsible for matters concerning safety, health & environment aspects of Heavy Water Plants located at Manuguru, Kota, Baroda, Tuticorin, Talcher, Tha, Hazira and TDP at RCF, Chembur.
  • Responsible for authorization of Scientific/Technical personnel for operation and maintenance of the plants, all matters concerning clearances and licensing of new activities / facilities that will be taken up by HWB.
General Manager(Operation-Services)
  • Review of Plant Performance, Unusual Occurrences, Modification Proposals, follow up of Capital Schemes and other jobs related to Plants in coordination with ED(O) and Sr.GM(O).
  • Coordinating all the activities of restart up of HWP, Tuticorin.
General Manager(Solvents)
  • Diversification activities related to solvents with regards to its development and industrial deployment.
  • Responsible for setting up of Solvent Production Plant(SPP) at Tuticorin, which includes managing all the project activities related to engineering, budgeting, tendering, procurement & works, project scheduling & monitoring and coordination with regulatory authorities.
  • Cordinate with Solvents facilities of HWB set up Talcher, Baroda & Tuticorin for technology up-gradation, product quality management, effluent management and costing of solvents.
General Manager(Solvent Extraction Technology)
  • Setting up of rare material recovery (RMR) Plants at Haldia & Paradeep.
  • Solvent Extraction Plant (SXP) at Tuticorin and shifting of equipment, machinery and materials from Technology Demonstration Plant to SXP (Tuticorin).
  • All the activities related to selection of engineering consultants, detailed engineering, procurement & works, project execution and monitoring, site work, coordination with regulatory authorities, state authorities and host fertilizer plants.
General Manager (Mechanical)
  • Look after all activities of Mechanical Section in HWB.
General Manager (TD)
  • Look after all activities related to Sodium Metal Plant and MRTDDF.
General Manager (Process Chemistry & Quality Control)
  • Co-ordination with all activities of process control and analytical laboratories at various plant sites besides reviewing and standardizing manuals and procedures for quality control of raw materials, products.
  • Co-ordination for operation & maintenance and development of spares for various analytical instruments, mass spectrometers etc.
  • Assist AD(MIS, HWM & HRD) for all export related activities and in matters related to process synthesis/chemistry of diversification activities for settibg up lab/bench scale facilities for development of product as well as technology.
Chief Engineer (Electrical & project)
  • Overall In-charge of Electrical Engineering Section at HWB.
  • Provide support services related to electrical engineering activities to other Engineering Sections, Project Groups, Operation group and HWP sites as per requirement.
  • Issuing the work order to contractor for electrical installations.
  • Procurement of electrical items as and when required.
Physical and Fiscal Progress monitoring and necessary co-ordination with project nodal officers.
  • Budgeting and control for plan funds.
  • Reports and returns required by DAE and Niti Ayog etc.
  • Regular deliberations of Capital scheme projects review committee and any other assignments as and when required for project monitoring and control.
Chief Engineer(Mechanical)
  • All activities pertaining to Mechanical Section in HWB (CO).
Head (HRD & PA)
  • Development & Implementation of HR Process.
  • Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Analyzing HR Activities.
  • Coordination with Training Schools / Training Agencies.
  • Facilitate conducting Recruitment and Performance Management.
  • Development of Learning Resource and Training Infrastructure.
  • Implementation and Monitoring of AERB Authorization Scheme.
  • Implementation and Monitoring of DAE Qualification Scheme (QIS).
  • Monitoring of Quality Management System (ISO-QMS) in the Section.
  • Designing Annual Training Calendar for In-house HRD Training Programmes.
  • Designing and Conducting Induction Training Program for new Recruits.
  • Conducting Training Programs as per approved Calendar in HWB/HWPs.
  • Evaluation of Training by Compilation and Analysis of Training Feedback.
  • Lok after Public outreach programme of Heavy Water Board (Central Office).
Chief Engineer (Instrumentation)

All activities pertaining to Instrumentation & Information Technology of HWB(CO).

Chief Engineer (Operation Services)
  • Review of performance of all operating Heavy Water Plants.
  • Analysis of unusual occurrence happening at all Heavy Water Plants.
  • Review of modification proposal review from site.
  • Coordination with sites for capital schemes.
  • Coordination with other section for new projects.
Manager (Maintenance & Outage Management)
  • Responsible for all activities related to Maintenance and Outage Management at HWB(CO).
Manager (Mechanical)
  • Responsible for all mechanical activities related to setting up a 600 MTA Sodium Metal Plant at HWP (Baroda) & Magnesium Recycling Technology Development & Demonstration Facility (MRTDDF) at NFC, ZC, Tuticorin.
  • Drawing office & Garage at HWB (CO).
Chief Engineer (Civil)
  • Offer advise to HWP sites on civil engineering related issues.
  • To provide Engineering details for new projects at HWP Site.
  • To put recommendation on various contract proposals for Civil Engineering related work.
Manager (Electrical)
  • Responsible for all Electricals jobs in HWB (CO).
Manager (Instrumentation)
  • Planning and Procurement of Instrumentation & Control Systems for Heavy Water Plants on requirement basis.
  • Review of proposals from sites on Instrumentation & Control Systems.
  • Design, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Instrumentation Systems for various plan projects in co-ordination with Nodal Officers.
Manager (Information and Technology)
  • Procurement, Installation and O&M of all IT Infrastructures comprising of hardware and software systems at HWB (Central Office).
  • Implementation of IT Security across Heavy Water Plant and HWB (CO).
  • Maintenance of Intra-sites communication and EPBAX at HWB (CO).
  • Coordination of ANUNET and National Knowledge Network (NKN).
Web Information Manager
  • Review the contents on HWB Intranet and website on regular basis and shall be responsible for keeping the same up to date.
  • Interact with Public Information Officer/ Assistant Public Information Officer for compliance of Right to Information.
Chief Administrative Officer
  • Responsible for processing policy matters in subjects of Administration and liaise with HWPs/DAE /other State/Central Government including statutory authorities as required. Monitor implementation of HWB decisions in regard to Administrative subjects. Exercise financial powers within the limits permitted by CE.
  • To deal with the matters related to legal, statutory and regulatory arising at HWB(CO)/ HWPs and also to ensure compliance of the above as applicable.
  • To identify resources and ensure their availability. Identify training needs for the personnel working in HWB and HWPs and process with Apex committee.
  • To ensure good house keeping, work environment and facilities for achieving conformity of the service.
  • To ensure the management of effective communication within and between various levels and functionaries regarding processes of QMS.
  • Staff Grievance Officer to deal with the grievances of officers and staff of HWB(CO).
  • Liaison Officer for SC/ST to deal with the grievances of employees belonging to SC/ST communities.
  • Vigilance Officer for Heavy Water Board.
  • Appointing /Disciplinary Authority for Group C posts in HWB.
  • Appellate Authority in respect of Group D posts in HWB.
  • Responsible for Implementation of Official Language policy in HWB.
  • Assisted by AO III & DD(OL).
Administrative Officer-III
  • Over-all in-charge of Administration Section, which includes activities like Recruitment, Personnel, Administration, Industrial Relations, Welfare, Official language implementation, communication including telephones and fax, Security & Transport arrangements.
  • Responsible for Co-ordination with AO/CGM/GM of HWPs ( Kota / Baroda / Tuticorin/ Talcher/ Manuguru/ Thal/ Hazira), and DAE in administrative matters.
  • Sends regular returns to DAE on administrative matters including vigilance matters.
  • Co-ordinates with Government and statutory authorities.
  • Implementing and maintaining Quality system for Administration section.
  • Providing advice to competent authority in Administrative matters.
  • Responsible to identify, record, correct and prevent the occurrence and recurrence of any non conformity relating to quality system and safety in their own respective areas of activity.
  • Initiating, recommending, providing verification for the implementation of solutions for activities affecting quality.
  • Ensuring that quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all in their respective areas of operations.
  • Responsible for emphasizing and implementing continuous improvement program by conducting section meetings periodically and by imparting training to staff.
  • Responsible for developing quality management system with a view to ensure control of quality related activities of Administration section and assist Management in this regard.
  • Responsible for ensuring availability of pertinent documents at all points of use and withdrawal of obsolete documents as per the retention periods laid down in DOC.NO.ADMN/QP/21.
  • Ensures maintenance and upkeep of quality records
  • Ensures good house keeping in their respective areas.
  • Responsible for preparation, review, recommendation and expediting of indents.
  • Responsible for budgeting and procurement of stationery, office equipment, transport, communication facilities, etc.
  • Appointing/Disciplinary authority for Group D posts.
  • Assists Chief Administrative Officer in all administrative matters.
  • Functions as Head of the Office.
  • In the absence of Chief Administrative Officer on tour or on leave, Administrative Officer – III will look after the current duties and responsibilities of Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Assistant Public Information Officer of HWB nominated as per RTI.
  • The translation work from English to Hindi and vice-versa and vetting thereof.
  • To acquaint the officers & staff of the Heavy Water Board with the provisions of the O.L. Act, Government rules & orders relating to Official Language and Hindi training and to help them in implementing the same
  • To ensure proper compliance of the provisions of the official Languages Act and the orders pertraining to Hindi Teaching Scheme & Official Language policy in Heavy Water Board and its plants.
  • To work as the secretary of the Official Language Implementation Committee of Heavy Water Board office and to convene its meetings from time to time, to prepare the agenda and minutes of the meetings and to co-ordinate the action taken on the decisions taken in the meetings.
  • To make suggestions from time to time for promoting the progressive use of Hindi and to keep liaison with the Department of Official language through proper channel.
  • To prepare the reference and help literature to organize Hindi workshops and to assist the officers and staff in learning Hindi and using Hindi in official business of Heavy Water Board
  • To render services to senior officers of Heavy Water Board with regard to the implementation of orders pertaining to Hindi.
  • To perform any other duty assigned by the senior officers of the Heavy Water Board related to the implementation of official language Hindi.
  • Furnishing replies to Audit queries/Parliament Questions pertaining to General section.
  • General Administration includes the activities like purchase and issue of stationary items to the HWB(Central Office) requirement, budgetary proposals, processing Payment of telephone bills, Annual Maintenance Contract for office equipment.
  • Transport matter including hiring of buses.
  • Housekeeping/cosmetic maintenance.
  • Receipt and dispatch of official communications, maintaining inward and Outward register, Stamp accounting register etc.
  • Printing and supply of service books and CRs/acquisition of property forms required for the HWB(CO).
  • Payment of conveyance allowances from HWB Imprest
  • Procurement of Uniform and other livery items.
  • Booking of tickets for officers of HWB and officers of HWPs visiting HWB, visiting scientists.
  • In the absence of Administrative Officer-II / Assistant Personnel Officer (Recruitment) on tour or on leave, Administrative Officer-II / Assistant Personnel Officer (General) will look after the duties and responsibilities of Administrative Officer-II / Assistant Personnel Officer (Recruitment).
Internal Financial Advisor
  • Assisting and advising Chief Executive in all financial matters.
  • Controlling and guiding the activities of Finance and Accounts in HWPs through P&AOs.
  • Formulation and submission of Budget proposals.
  • Monitoring of expenditure and submission of Appropriation Account.
  • Scrutiny of files involving financial aspects.
  • Monitoring of Audit Para.
  • Assisting in preparation of Budget Estimates and monitoring expenditure with reference to Budget Estimates
  • Assisting and sorting out all financial matters
  • Giving concurrence to financial proposals
  • Managing and guiding Accounts personnel in CO and other plants.
  • Improving skills by imparting guidance and training and motivating
  • Accounts personnel in Central Office and other Plants.
  • Review of Audit Paras.
  • Review of payments/expenditure made to HWP Thal/Hazira/TDP.
Pay & Accounts Officer
  • Authorizing payments including salary disbursement.
  • Co-ordination of budgeting and monitoring the Expenditure.
  • Guiding competent authority in financial matters.
  • Scrutiny, Pre-Audit , Review of recommendation of indents and work orders.
  • Sale of tenders, Opening of tenders, Negotiations etc.
  • Scrutinizing the purchase proposals and passing of purchase bills.
  • Rendering Information (MIS)/Returns periodically to HWB & DAE.
  • Making payment to M/s.Kribh co/RCF against O&M Contract/ Agreement.
  • Making payment towards Contingencies, Work Order.
  • Accounting receipt against export, transfer of technology etc.
  • Reply to the various queries on financial matters
  • Examine proposals received from various Agencies for financial
  • concurrence.
  • Maintenance of EMD/SD Registers
  • Drawal of pay & allowance of staff working at HWB Central Office;
  • Maintenance of PF accounts, DDR balances
  • Drawal of PF and long term advances, watching its remittances.
  • Issue of PPO and settlement of final payments in respect of
  • retiring employees under P&AO’s advise.
  • Maintenance of Audit Paras.
  • Submission of MIS Report to DAE.
  • Passing of TA/LTC/Tr.TA Bills.
  • Obtaining the budget proposal from the Plants & CO and scrutinizing the same and submission of the proposal to DAE after approving the same by CE, HWB.
  • Ascertaining the final fund requirement by the Plants & CO and intimate the same to DAE after CE’s approval.
  • Rendition of monthly account of HWB(CO) to Principal Accounts
  • Office, DAE
  • Reporting the status of expenditure vis-à-vis provision on monthly
  • basis to CE and other Superiors.
  • Submission of Pay & Allowance statement to Min. of Finance/DAE on quarterly basis.
  • Submission of Appropriation Accounts to DAEbased on the
  • Information obtained from the Plants and CO.
  • Raising debits for the surplus material issued by HW Stores and accounting the same.
  • Preparing draft replies to questions raised by Standing Committee on Energy on budget related matters.
  • Working out the cost of production of heavy water.
  • Notifying the pool rate for lease & loss charges
  • Preparing the Performa Account of Heavy Water pool Management
  • Authorizing payments including salary disbursement.
  • Co-ordination of budgeting and monitoring the Expenditure.
  • Guiding competent authority in financial matters.
  • Scrutiny, Pre-Audit , Review of recommendation of indents and work orders.
  • Sale of tenders, Opening of tenders, Negotiations etc.
  • Scrutinizing the purchase proposals and passing of purchase bills.
  • Rendering Information (MIS)/Returns periodically to HWB & DAE.

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