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Brief Details of the Facilities:

Different facilities established at HWP Talcher are as listed below for synthesis of different Organo phosphorous solvents and other products like enriched BF3 Di-ethyl ether complex & KBF4.

R&D Pilot plant:

The R&D pilot plant is meant for development of technology and production of various Organo phosphorous solvents. The basic hazards arise from the process synthesis loop which consists of primarily the glass-lined jacketed reactor, two graphite condensers and feed vessels which handle hazardous fluids such as PCl3, Cl2, HCl, Hexane etc.

Tri Butyl Phosphate (TBP) Facility:

The TBP facility having capacity to synthesis 60 MTPA of TBP is based on 300 operating days and batch capacity of about 400 kg.

Production of TBP mainly involves following four steps:

  • Esterification
  • Neutralization
  • n- Butanol Recovery
  • Final Purification

TBP synthesis is carried out in 3 nos. of glass lined reactors along with an auxiliary system consisting of vacuum system, Butanol purification unit, scrubber unit, liquid effluent treatment unit & raw material storage facility.

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BEXD Facility:

Boron Exchange Distillation facility is meant for production of 5 Kg per year of Detector grade Boron-10 at 90% concentration and 50 Kg per year of Control Rod grade Boron-10 at 65% concentration by distillation process.

The process is based on exchange distillation of Boron Tri-fluoride Diethyl Ether Complex BF3.O(C2H5)2. The process involves the following steps:

  • Purification
  • Exchange Distillation.
  • Product Purification System

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Versatile Solvent Production Plant (VSPP):

VSPP is meant for synthesis of various Organo phosphorus solvents namely D2EHPA, TOPO, TAPO and DNPPA.

Synthesis of different solvents is carried out in 02 Nos. of glass lined reactors along with an auxiliary system consisting of vacuum system, Alkali dissolution unit, Ejector system, Vent scrubber and Chlorine Absorption system.

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KBF4 Conversion Facility:

KBF4 conversion unit at HWP-Talcher is for conversion of Boron Tri-fluoride Di-Ethyl Ether complex [BF3.O(C2H5)2], which contains enriched 10B of 65% isotopic purity, to Potassium tetra-fluoro borate (KBF4). The basic process involves chemical reaction between BF3.O(C2H5)2 and KF to KBF4 followed by filtration, drying of slurry & grinding to make KBF4 powder.

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The liquid effluents generated from R&D Pilot Plant, TBP and VSPP are treated in IETP before final disposal. Steps involved in IETP are:

  • Neutralization
  • Oil & Grease removal
  • FeCl3 treatment
  • Filtration
  • Evaporation

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Last updated on: 16-Apr-2019