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Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate TOPS-03
हिंदी पाठ यथाशीघ्र उपलब्‍ध होगा
Item Unit Value
1 Chemical Name Tri-n-butyl phosphate
2 CAS Number 126-73-8
3 Molecular Formula (C4H9O)3PO
4 Chemical Structure
5 Molar Mass 266.32 g/mole
6 Appearance Clear colourless liquid to pale yellow
7 Boiling Point 289 °C

Tri Butyl Phosphate (TBP) is an Organo phosphorus compound which is pale yellow in color and used as an extractant and plasticizer. It is an ester of phosphoric acid with n- butanol.

In the nuclear industry it is used as nuclear solvent for extraction and purification of various radioisotopes / rare – earth metals from ores as well as spent fuels by solvent extraction due to its formation of stable hydrophobic complexes with some metals.

It also exhibits huge demand in the non-nuclear fields such as solvent & plasticizer for cellulose esters, as a component of aircraft hydraulic fluid / brake fluid, as a solvent in inks, emulsions, synthetic resins, gums, adhesives, defoamer and as herbicide & fungicide concentrates &  heat-exchange medium.


Item Unit Value
Assay % > 99
Appearance -- Colorless to pale yellow
Density at g/cc 0.972 to 0.975
Viscosity cp 3 to 3.32
Butanol content Mass % < 0.2
Moisture Content Mass % < 0.2
Free Phosphoric Acid % < 0.02

Available denominations : 200 ltr in HDPE drums

Last updated on: 03-Aug-2023