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About HWB

Heavy Water Board (HWB) a constituent unit of Industries and Minerals Sector under Department of Atomic Energy, carries the mandate of supporting the Three stage Indian Nuclear Power Program by production of Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxide) & specialty materials like Enriched Boron, Nuclear grade sodium, Nuclear solvents for front end and back end fuel cycle, etc.

HWB has developed, demonstrated, optimized and deployed the complex production technology of Heavy Water using H2S-H2O Bi-thermal process and NH3-H2 Mono-thermal process. India is only country to master in the design & operation of the both processes. HWB has also developed and successfully demonstrated the first NH3 – H2O exchange process to attain fertilizer independent operation of Ammonia based HWPs if need be.

Starting in 1963 with pilot plant at BARC, now Heavy Water Board has 7 different units across India in its fold to reach its mandate.The journey of HWB has transformed India into the largest producer of best quality Heavy Water in the world and is not only meeting in-house Heavy Water requirements for the Indian Nuclear Power Program but is also exporting to various countries.

Apart from the above, HWB has opened avenues for development and promotion of Non-nuclear applications of Heavy Water and Deuterium. These applications in the field of Life Sciences, Exploration, Nutritional Studies, Optical fiber industries, Analytical Science, Medicinal Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals, etc would benefit the society at large and support India one step ahead into the Make in India Campaign.

HWB has a Technology Demonstration Plant now renamed as Heavy Water Board Facilities, Mumbai adjacent to RCF, Chembur, Mumbai where various new technologies are tested, developed and scaled up for implementing at industrial level.


To achieve excellence in production of specialized material for Indian Nuclear Power Program and Societal application while maintaining global standards.

To create value for all
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  • Enlightened DAE
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  • Green Environment

Last updated on: 30-Sep-2022