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About HWBF Vadodara

Heavy Water Board Facilities, Vadodara is located in Vadodara, Gujarat and is integrated with M/s Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd (GSFC).

HWB Facilities Vadodara is involved in –

  • Production of potassium metal for in-house consumption. Potassium Metal produced is cast as rods, cut and stored under paraffin oil.
  • Production of Deuterated compounds like Chloroform-d, Di Methyl SulfOxide-d6, D-Acids, Acetone-d6, D-Alkalis, Acetonitrile-d3, Benzene-d6, etc.
  • Production of various organo phosphorus solvents for in-house consumption.
  • Production of Deuterium gas which is used in manufacturing optical fiber. Deuteration of optical fibers decreases the transmission losses due to water absorption and extends the life of the cable.
  • Deuterium gas is also used for the synthesis of few deuterated precursors that are used for synthesis of other deuterated compounds of interest. Deuterium gas is available for sale in cylinders at HWBF, Vadodara.
  • Apart from the above work is in progress for setting up Sodium Metal Production Plant and Versatile Solvent Production Plant (VSPP) to meet the requirement of Indian Nuclear Power Program.

Last updated on: 29-Sep-2022