Other Activities of HWB

Heavy Water Board(HWB), a constituent unit of Industries and Minerals Sector under Department of Atomic Energy, is primarily responsible for production of Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxide-D2O) which is used as a 'moderator' and 'Coolant' in the nuclear power as well as research reactors. HWB has mastered the complex production technology using two chemical exchange processes viz. H2S-H2O bithermal process and NH3-H2 mono-thermal process. India is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy water in the world and is meeting the heavy water requirements of the Indian Nuclear Power Programme. The plants based on Ammonia-Hydrogen (NH3-H2) exchange process are linked to the ammonia fertilizer plants for synthesis gas feed supply while H2S-H2O based plants are independent in this respect.

A technology demonstration plant using Water-Ammonia (H2O-NH3) deuterium exchange to make the ammonia based Heavy Water Plants independent of fertilizer plants is also developed and demonstrated at HWP, Baroda, Gujrat. All Heavy Water Plants have well defined Safety & Environmental Policy and maintaining excellent records in these areas.

Heavy Water Board (HWB) operates Heavy Water Plants at Baroda, Tuticorin, Talcher, Kota, Manuguru, Thal and Hazira. Diversification activities are also going on at Talcher, Tuticorin and Baroda.

Heavy Water Board and its Plants are ISO Certified for Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

Heavy Water Product from HWB meets stringent quality specifications for international requirements. Heavy Water Board has successfully exported Heavy Water to countries viz. South Korea, China and USA.

New Activities

In addition to producing Heavy Water, Heavy Water Board is also engaged in following New Activities:

  • Production of organophosphorus solvent such as Tri-Butyl Phosphate and D2EHPA solvents required for Solvent Extraction in Front End and Back end of Nuclear Fuel Cycle.
  • Production of 10B enriched element Boron & Boron compounds required for Fast Breeder Reactors (FBRs) and neutron detector.
  • Generation of solar power through 12 MWp solar pv Power plant.
Developmental Work
  • Based on laboratory technology from BARC & IGCAR, processes for commercial production of new solvents are being developed.
  • Improvement in process & technology developed for production of O18 isotope for PET Scanning & Metabolic Studies.
  • Setting up of facility for developing NMR Solvents, Deuterium-labelled compounds for promoting use of deuterium in health care and advanced technology.
  • Improvement and scaling up of closed cell technology developed for Sodium Production to meet the requirement of FBRs.
  • Development of technology for direct conversion of boric acid to boron carbide.
  • Setting up of solvent extraction plant for recovery of Rare Material from secondary resources.
  • Exploratory work for identifying phosphorite deposits in the country in collaboration with AMD.
  • Exploring the feasibility of application of Deuterium Depleted Water in cancer treatment
Services being Offered by HWB:
  • Energy Auditing
  • Flue Gas Conditioning
  • Surplus Electrical Power Supply
  • Process Retrofitting / Re-engineering
  • Integrated Energy Management
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Safety Assessment

Last updated on: 01-Oct-2020