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About HWP Hazira

Heavy Water Plant at Hazira (also known as Hazira Ammonia Extension Plant - HAEP), is the second heavy water plant in the country based on the ammonia-hydrogen mono-thermal exchange process which has been set up without foreign collaboration. The plant is integrated with fertilizer plant-KRIBHCO, Hazira and is located at a distance of about 16 km from Surat city. The plant was commissioned in January 1991 without any time overrun.

The plant adopts the latest technology using micro-processor based distributed digital control system for instrumentation and process control instead of the conventional pneumatic analogue system. The system provides control, supervisory and monitoring functions for field control stations. It displays and records data acquired from the plant system and has facilities for data logging and printing alarm messages.

This plant comprises of two streams with some common units like synthesis unit, sub-station, inert gas unit, instrument air unit, catalyst preparation unit, cooling towers etc.

Completion of the project has been successfully achieved without any time overrun.

Last updated on: 29-Sep-2022