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About HWBF Talcher
HWB Facilities, Talcher

Heavy Water Board Facilities, Talcher is located in Angul District of Odisha and ~130 km from State capital Bhubaneswar.

HWB Facilities Talcher is involved in –


  • Production of specialty chemicals / various organo phosphorus solvents like TBP, D2EHPA, TOPO, TAPO, Calix Crown-6 and DNPPA for in-house consumption.
  • Enrichment of Boron-10 and Boron-11 isotopes of desired isotopic concentrations.
  • Production of Boron Tri-fluoride (BF3 gas ) & calcium fluoride complex (BF3CaF2) for in house consumption.
  • Conversion unit at Heavy Water Board Facilities -Talcher is for conversion of Boron Tri-fluoride Di-Ethyl Ether complex [BF3.O(C2H5)2], which contains enriched 10B of 65% isotopic purity, to Potassium tetra-fluoro borate (KBF4)as well as Boric Acid Power ( H3BO3).

Last updated on: 18-Aug-2023