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About HWP Manuguru

Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru is the largest Heavy Water Production facility in India. It is an ISO-9001 (2015) & ISO-14001 (2015) certified organization and is the flagship of Heavy Water Board. The plant has mastered the Girdler sulfide (GS) process to produce Nuclear Grade Heavy Water (D2O). Power & Steam requirements for Heavy Water production are met by its own coal based Captive Power Plant.

HWP(M) is situated on the banks of river Godavari at Mittagudem village near Bhadrachalam and 12 KM away from Manuguru, in Bhadradri-Kothagudem district of Telangana state. Even though located in such a remote place, HWPM has excelled in performance due to the dedicated efforts of its inspired staff including contractors, security staff etc. HWPM provides drinking water, education etc to nearby locality as a part of its corporate social responsibility. Presence of HWPM in this remote location has elevated the living standard of surrounding population.

HWPM played a pivotal role in HWB’s journey from “Heavy Water at any cost” to “Heavy Water at minimum cost”. Further energy consumption has been brought down setting the global standards. Excellent safety record of HWPM has fetched it many safety awards from National Safety Council, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board etc. Also excellence in energy economy by HWP(Manuguru) has been recognized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Confederation of Indian Industry and many other national level bodies.

After meeting the primary mandate of producing the Heavy Water for Indian Nuclear Power Program(INPP), HWP(Manuguru) had taken up the diversification activities like-

  • Production of Boron-10 and Boron-11 enriched powder and Boron Carbide pallets.
  • India’s 1st “O-18 enriched water” production facility for medical / societal use.
  • Harnessing of Solar energy to reduced Carbon footprints.
  • Aqueous ammonia flue gas conditioning facility is also installed in Captive Power Plant, which is patented by HWB and is being implemented in various other thermal power plants thus contributing to clean and green environment.

Last updated on: 29-Sep-2022