Recent Events

Date Unit Subject
22-11-2017 HWP(Hazira)
20-11-2017 HWP(Thal)
31-10-2017 HWB (CO)
21-10-2017 HWP(Tuticorin)
05-08-2017 HWP(Thal)
  • Snaps of visit to Heavy Water Plant (Thal) by Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, Chairman & Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board along with Shri V.K.M. Parthiban, Associate Director (O), Heavy Water Board, Mumbai on 2nd November, 2017.

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05-08-2017 HWP(Thal)
  • Snaps of farewell party given to Shri A.N. Verma, Chairman & Chief Executive and Shri C. Seshasai, Additional Chief Executive / Director (O) on 5th August by RCF /HWP, Thal.

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21-06-2017 HWP(Baroda)
18-04-2017 HWP(Tuticorin)
30-01-2017 HWP(Baroda)
25-12-2016 HWP(Thal)