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The conference “ParmanuTech 2019” was organised by Department of Atomic Energy in consultation with Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on February 06, 2019. The conference was organised for familiarising foreign diplomats in India about the technologies developed by DAE. Various DAE Units put up their exhibition stalls during the conference. Heavy Water Board also participated in the exhibition activity. The exhibition was based on indigenous technologies developed by HWB; production of Heavy Water in India; various diversified activities like production of D-labelled Compounds, NMR Solvents, Organo-phosphorus Solvents, Oxygen-18 (O18), Enriched Boron, Sodium Metal; Ammonia Flue Gas Conditioning; various MoU’s signed by HWB for R&D on medical applications of Heavy Water etc.

Diplomats from embassies of various countries like USA, Russia, France, South Korea, Bangladesh, African Countries etc. visited the exhibition stall of HWB and had detailed interaction with the officials of HWB. The stall was also visited by Shri K N Vyas, Secretary DAE and Chairman AEC along with other senior officers of DAE and its units.

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office was the Chief Guest of the conference. Representatives from DAE units like BARC, BRIT, NPCIL, HWB made presentations on their technologies and important activities of their units. Chief Executive, HWB gave presentation on “Technology Breakthrough by HWB in Material Support to Indian Nuclear Power Programme and for Societal Purpose”. The presentation covered features of Heavy Water, Deuterium Gas, Nuclear Solvents, Boron & Boron Carbide, Deuterated Solvents, Ammonia Flue Gas Conditioning, Deuterium Depleted Water, etc. Director (O) also participated in the conference.

The presentation and exhibition of HWB were appreciated by the delegates.

Glimpses of the Programme
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