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    Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, is Distinguished Scientist and Chairman & Chief Executive of Heavy Water Board (HWB), an industrial unit of the Department of Atomic Energy. As Chief Executive, Dr. Mudali is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of Heavy Water plants and other facilities (for diversification activities) located at Kota, Manuguru, Thal, Hazira, Baroda, Tuticorin and Talcher. He is leading the diversification activities of the Board including, production of organic Solvents, Sodium, Oxygen-18, and enriched Boron & B4C, in addition to the production of deuterated compounds for societal and industrial applications. The current interests of Dr. Mudali includes Helium and Hydrogen production, Rare materials from Indian phosphate rock, and other materials of relevance to Indian Nuclear power and fuel cycle activities.

    Dr. Mudali is Chairman, Advisory Committee of DAE-ICT Centre, Mumbai; Corrosion Protection and Finishes Sectional Committee, MTD 24 of BIS; Research Advisory Board of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore; and, CII-Corrosion Management Committee. He is Member of Boards of Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad; Nuclear Recycle Board of BARC, Mumbai; Governing Council of Atomic Energy Education Society, Mumbai; and, Expert Advisory Committee of ONGC Energy Centre, New Delhi. He is also Chairman, Research Advisory Board of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore, and Chairman, CII-Corrosion Management Committee, New Delhi.

    Dr. Mudali joined Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam in 1984 after obtaining M.Tech. from IIT Bombay, and completed PhD in Metallurgy/Corrosion at IGCAR in 1993. Dr. Mudali is an internationally renowned professional in the area of advanced materials, coating technology, and corrosion engineering, and was leading R&D projects of reactor & reprocessing materials, processes, modelling and equipment development of relevance to Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) programme. He has to his credit 441 papers in various National and International journals; he has co-edited 14 books/proceedings, and holds an h-index of 32 (Scopus). He has guided/coordinated project works of 162 students for their UG, PG and PhD degrees. Dr. Mudali is a Fellow of eight national/international science/engineering academies including three from abroad. He has been decorated with prestigious awards like: Homi Bhabha Science and Technology Award from DAE; Group Achievement Awards of DAE (5 times); INS Medal; VASVIK Award; GD Birla Gold Medal Award; National Metallurgists Day Award from Ministry of Steel and IIM; Excellence and Meritorious Awards in Corrosion from NACE India, NCCI and ECSI, Bangalore; Distinguished Faculty Award from HBNI, Mumbai; and, Ninth Dr. Placid Rodriguez Memorial Lecture. Dr. Mudali has been a Visiting Scientist at leading institutions in Germany, Japan, UK, France, Israel, Bulgaria etc.

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