Safety Policy for HWB


    HWB recognises that some of its industrial activities may pose industrial hazards and impact the environment. Hence, HWB accords utmost importance to safety and is committed to provide and ensure safe and healthy working conditions in its plants and to protect their environments.

    For discharging its industrial activities within the framework and guidelines set by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and other relevant statutory bodies, the basic safety policy document with its objectives and implementation is drawn up for observance in letter and spirit.

    Safety Policy objectives

    To ensure that potential risks to Safety, Health and Environment are properly assessed and taken care of in the design, construction and operation of the plants.

    To accord the highest importance and to set and maintain high standards for safety and the three H's (House-keeping, Hygiene & Health) within the plant and also the environment in its neighborhood.

    To protect the assets of the plants from potential hazards & consequential damage.

    To ensure that the safety, health & environment standards in the plants conform to the prevailing statutory Acts and Rules stipulated by the Central and State Governments, including the local bodies and the statutory guidelines and periodic directives issued by the AERB.

    To evolve its own standards in areas where it is felt that the existing statutory regulations are inadequate.

    To review and improve its own standards and practices on a continuous basis to ensure safer work practices for a safer plant.

    To ensure that all plant employees including daily wagers and contract labourers are kept informed of their occupational risks and the safe work practices to be followed by them.

    Last updated on: 29-Nov-2018