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Heavy Water exhibits huge potential in Non-Nuclear Applications also. One such application is use of deuterium gas for producing low water peak optical fiber.

Deuterium gas is used in manufacturing optical fiber. Optical properties of optical fiber deteriorate due to water absorption. Deuteration of optical fibers decreases the transmission losses due to water absorption and extends the life of the cable.

Deuterium gas is also used for the synthesis of few deuterated precursors that are used for synthesis of other deuterated compounds of interest. HWB produces Deuterium gas, which is available for sale in cylinders from HWP, Baroda.


Parameter Deuterium gas cylinders
Isotopic Purity of Deuterium gas > 99.7 %
Chemical Purity of deuterium gas (D2 + HD) >99.9%
Pressure 120 Kg/cm2(g) max
Cylinder Capacity 47 Liters (water capacity)

Last updated on: 03-Aug-2023