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पदनामित अधिकारियों का उत्‍तरदायित्‍व
हिंदी पाठ यथाशीघ्र उपलब्‍ध होगा

Functional responsibilities of various sections of the organization to conduct safe, orderly and efficient operation of the plant are as follows:

General Manager

General Manager (GM) is the head and occupier of the plant organization. He is responsible for the safety of the plant personnel and the general public in relation to the plant operation. He is also responsible for adherence to all requirements of the operating licence and Technical Specifications by plant personnel. In addition to the overall responsibility for ensuring the safety of the plant and the public, his responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing of strict adherence to technical specifications by the plant staff.
  • Prompt notification of deviations from established technical specification limits and conditions accordance with procedures established.
  • Ensuring that only duly approved modifications as per established procedures and as may be necessary after review by the relevant authorities are carried out.
  • Maintenance of quality assurance in all activities at the plant and in particular in maintenance, testing, examination and inspection of structures systems and components.
  • Discharging the duties of Plant/Site Emergency Director in case of plant or site emergency due to H2S or radiation.

General Manager reports to Executive Director (Operations), HWB, Mumbai and is responsible to him. In the absence of General Manager, Dy. General Manager assumes the responsibility of the General Manager.

Dy. General Manager

Dy. General Manager is the head of Operation, Maintenance and Technical Services Groups. His responsibilities include:

  • To ensure that all operation and maintenance activities are carried out in safe, orderly and efficient manner.
  • Implementation of corrective and preventive actions required with regard to various deficiencies, unusual occurrences and findings of various audit committees.
  • To ensure that plant and equipments are operated/ maintained for achieving effective operational controls.

Note : Unless specifically authorized by Executive Director (Operations) / Director (Operations),HWB, Mumbai at least either of GM / DGM shall be at the headquarters at all the times. In the event of concurrent absence of General Manager and Dy. General Manager, the person designated to assume the responsibilities for the plant shall be specified before hand by Executive Director (Operations) / Director (Operations), HWB, Mumbai.

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager (MM) is the head of Maintenance Group which includes Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication and Civil Sections. He is responsible for:

  • Safe maintenance of the systems.
  • Planned, preventive, shutdown and breakdown maintenance programme.
  • Breakdown maintenance during emergencies.
  • Modifications of systems after approval by the concerned authorities.
  • Training of maintenance personnel.

Dy. Maintenance Managers of the above respective sections assist him in this regard.

Dy. Maintenance Manager (Mechanical)

He is In-charge of Mechanical Maintenance Section which includes plant maintenance, Repair & Maintenance Shop and Auto Garage. He is responsible for:

  • Safe maintenance of the systems.
  • Planned, preventive, shutdown and breakdown maintenance programme.
  • Breakdown maintenance during emergencies.
  • Review of In-Service Inspection (ISI).
  • Modifications of systems after approval by the concerned authorities.
  • Training of mechanical maintenance personnel.
  • Ensuring adherence to Specifications and Surveillance Schedule as specified in Technical

Specifications pertaining to his Section.

Dy. Maintenance Manager (Electrical)

He is In-charge of the Electrical Section and is responsible for:

  • Safe maintenance of the systems.
  • Planned, preventive, shutdown and breakdown maintenance programme.
  • Breakdown maintenance during emergencies.
  • Modifications of systems after approval by the concerned authorities.
  • Training of electrical maintenance personnel.
  • Ensuring adherence to Specifications and Surveillance Schedule as specified in Technical Specifications pertaining to his
  • Ensuring availability of updated operating instructions, operating manuals including P&I diagrams.
  • Review and updating of each operating procedure, at least once in five years.
  • Training for operating personnel.

Dy. Production Manager assists him in this regard.

Dy. Production Manager

He is responsible for:

  • Bringing to the notice of Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Technical Services Manager any deviations / deficiencies in the operation of the systems.
  • Ensuring that round-the-clock shifts are manned efficiently by providing adequate trained and licensed manpower.
  • Bringing to the notice of Production Manager promptly the Significant Events.
  • Providing necessary data on production/ operation inventory of materials, etc.
  • Ensuring adherence to Specifications and Surveillance Schedule as specified in Technical

Specifications pertaining to his Section.

Shift Superintendent

Shift Superintendent (SS) reports to Dy. Production Manager. He is responsible for:

  • Authorizing all operation and maintenance activities of the plant on shift basis.
  • Safe start up, operation and shutdown of the plant and auxiliaries.
  • Deciding the course of action required to be taken in emergencies.
  • Assuming the responsibility of Site Emergency Director till he is relieved.

In the absence of SS, Senior Shift Engineer (SSE) discharges these responsibilities. Both SS and SSE hold Plant Engineer licenses including authorization for control panel operation

Technical Services Manager

Technical Services Manager (TSM) is the head of Technical Services Group which includes Technology & Training Section, Process Control & Analytical Lab and Fire Section. He is responsible for:

  • Engineering assistance required to operate efficiently the plant / systems at optimum performance.
  • Issuing work plans for special operation, commissioning / operating procedures for additional facilities, directing engineering / technical studies, audit and economic use of chemicals and equipments efficiency and chemical control of the systems.
  • Collecting information on all units and disseminating.
  • Upkeep and updating all plant documents.
  • Planning, coordinating the execution of modifications or additional requirements.
  • Looking after the efficient functioning of Technology & Training Section Process Control & Analytical Lab and Fire Section.
  • Coordinating engineering, procurement, construction and developing, commissioning and operating procedures of new plants/ systems.
  • Conduct Technical audit to ensure adherence to Technical Specifications and other relevant codes/ guides in the execution of the jobs.
  • Review of operating procedures for emergency conditions.

Dy. TSM, Dy. Manager (PC&AL) and Dy. CFO assist Technical Services Manager.

Dy. Manager (PC&AL)

Dy. Manager (PC&AL) is head of Process Control & Analytical Lab. He is responsible for all activities of Analytical Lab. He reports to Technical Services Manager. He shall monitor all the chemistry parameters of plant and bring to the notice of DGM/PM/TSM /DyPM, promptly all the deviations in chemistry parameters

Dy. Technical Services Manager

He reports to Technical Services Manage, he is responsible for :

  • Engineering assistance required to operate efficiently the plant / systems at optimum performance.
  • Planning, coordinating the execution of modifications or additional requirements.
  • Looking after smooth functioning of Training Section.
  • Training, authorization & qualification of operating staff and qualification of other technical sections’ staff.
  • Working as information officer during emergency.
  • Looking after smooth functioning of drawing office and Information Centre (Library).
Dy. Chief Fire Officer

Dy. CFO is In-charge of Fire Section. He reports to Technical Services Manager and is responsible for:

  • Looking after efficient functioning of Fire Section.
  • Training of plant staff in fire protection.
  • Directing, guiding & planning the course of action in fire emergencies.
  • Ensuring adherence to Specifications and Surveillance Schedule as specified in Technical

Specifications pertaining to his Section.

Superintendent (Safety & Environment)

Superintendent (S & E) is In-charge of the Safety & Environment and Medical Sections. He reports to General Manager and advises him on all matters pertaining to Industrial Safety and protection of personnel & environment. He is responsible for:

  • Making investigations on Accidents, Unusual Occurrences / Significant Events.
  • Observations during routine operation as well as during abnormal occurrences.
  • Safety Training of plant personnel and contractor personnel.
  • Issuance of Height Passes and Safety Passes to contractor personnel.
  • Authorization of Work Permits from Safety point of view in absence of Safety officer.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions. He shall also ensure work executed by permittee through safe working practices / approved procedures and compliance of the instructions as per JHA.
  • Ensuring availability of safety appliances in the plant.
  • Environment monitoring within and around the plant.
  • Arranging Periodic Emergency Exercises.
  • Up keen of Medical Section and OHC.
  • Safe possession of all statutory documents like licences, consents, authorizations, certificates etc. and their timely renewal.
  • Liasioning with statutory agencies
  • Timely renewing competent persons’ certificates.
  • Overall in-charge of Administration Section which includes General Administration, Personnel Matters, Estate Management, Transport, Security, Vigilance, Official Language implementation etc.
  • Responsibilities for policy making in Administration. Liaison with HWB/DAE.
  • Supervise the implementation of administrative decisions.
  • Co-ordination with HWB/DAE.
  • Co-ordination with different sections and rendering administrative assistance to GM/DGM/Managers/Section Heads.
  • Co-ordination with State Government/Local Bodies and other institutions.
  • Ensuring that the customer’s requirements, legal and statutory requirements are compiled with.
  • Identifying and maintaining quality system in Administration.
  • Emphasizing and implementing continuous improvement programme.
  • Grievance redressal.
  • Monitoring of Court cases.
  • Entry of various steps/events in entire service of a Govt. servant in Service Book.
  • Maintenance of Personal Files and Service Records of all the officers and employees working in HWP(K).
  • Fixation of pay on promotion, MACP and on subsequent changes in rules and in compliance of orders of Hon’ble Court etc.
  • Maintenance of leave account/Final encashment of leave on retirement, death, resignation etc/Credit of un-availed portion of joining time consequent upon transfer of employee in public interest.
  • Issue of leave orders.
  • Sanction of PF advance/withdrawals/Conversion of advance into withdrawal/Sanction of final settlement of GPF/CPF.
  • Sanction of LTC advance/Encashment of leave on LTC/Settlement of LTC claims/Change of Home Town once in entire service.
  • Processing the cases of retirement on superannuation/ family pension cases/ voluntary retirement/premature retirement etc.
  • Issue of sanction towards retirement benefits.
  • Processing of CEA/RTF claims.
  • Processing TA advance/Settlement of TA claims on transfer in public interest, retirement etc.
  • Other miscellaneous cases like Process of resignation cases/Confirmation of Group B & C employees/ private foreign visit abroad/Acquisition of additional qualification/ outside employment/Issue of Identity certificate for passport/ pensioner’s Identity certificate/service certificates and final No Dues Certificates
  • Assessing man-power requirements and allied work.
  • Filling up of posts as per the procedures/Norms/Recruitment Rules and its related activities.
  • Closure of probation.
  • Confirmation in respect of Group ‘A’ employees.
  • Preparation of organizational chart.
  • Maintenance of Rosters.
  • Preparation and finalization of seniority list of employees.
  • Process promotion cases of all scientific and technical employees.
  • Issue of APAR to all employees.
  • Short listing eligible employees for promotion.
  • Screening.
  • Processing of promotion proposals for Scientific and Technical & Auxiliary employees under Merit Promotion Scheme.
  • Processing promotion cases of Group C Administrative and Auxiliary employees.
  • Co-ordination with HWB/DAE in respect of promotion of Group A and B Administrative and Auxiliary employees.
  • Conducting written examinations/trade tests/interviews for selection of candidates through Selection Committees.
  • Processing Transfer cases.
  • Submission of Various Returns.
  • Acquisition & disposal of movable/immovable property of employees.
  • Processing of vigilance/disciplinary cases & submission of connected returns/thereof.
  • Submission of review cases of 50/55 years of age to Heavy Water Board for retention in service or otherwise.
  • Implementation of RTI Act, 2005 and applications/appeals under the Act.

Heavy Water Plant, being an industrial unit, is covered under the Factories Act, 1948. Accordingly, a Labour-cumWelfare Officer is appointed as a statutory requirement and his functions are as follows:

  • Interaction with Union and conciliation meetings for maintaining industrial harmony.
  • Issue of magnetic identity cards to regular employees and photo identity cards to contractor’s employees, temporary entry permits to visitors.
  • Welfare activities.
  • Implementation of CL (R&A) Act.
  • Preparation of priority lists.
  • Allotment of flats including out-of-turn allotment.
  • Allotment of temporary accommodation, Community and Welfare Centre.
  • Allotment of shops and recovery of licence fee and allied charges thereof.
  • Recovery of licence fee and allied charges in respect of Government accommodation allotted to employees and various other agencies.
  • Preparation of monthly bills in respect of flats allotted to the employees of Common Service.
  • Processing and obtaining the approval of the Competent Authority for retention of Govt. residential accommodation beyond the confessional period.
  • Eviction of unauthorized occupants from Govt. premises under PP Act.
  • Fixation of flat rate, standard rate and market rate (damages) of licence fee.
  • Preparation of final clearance certificate.
  • Procurement and distribution of uniform and liveries.
  • Grant of House Building/Personal Computer/Car/Motor Cycle/Bicycle/Fan advances and allied work.
  • Maintenance of office furniture and up-keeping of telephones, Fax, Xerox and payment of bills on landline phone and mobile.
  • Processing of medical claims preferred under CCS (Medical Attendance) Rules.
  • Looks after activities of the Canteen as Secretary of the Canteen Managing Committee.
  • CISF matters
  • NIT publishing
  • Settlement of Bills.
  • Maintenance of CHSS records including registration, cancellation & extension of CHSS facility .

With a view to ensure the compliance of the constitutional and legal provisions and the implementation of Official Language Policy of Government of India, Assistant Director (OL) is appointed as a statutory requirement.

  • Preparation of Hindi Workshop materials for the trainees.
  • Translation from English to Hindi and vice versa and supervision and vetting of translation works.
  • Organisation of Hindi Workshops in every quarter and Scientific Seminar every year.
  • Organisation of Official Language Implementation Committee meeting in every quarter and acting as Member Secretary of the Committee.
  • Organising joint OLIC Meeting of Heavy Water Board and HWPs and TOLIC meetings.
  • Nomination of round-the-clock/shift employees of HTS examinations through Hindi Correspondence Courses.
  • Arrangements for inspection of OL Policy conducted by Heavy Water Board, DAE.
  • Assisting GM to ensure the strict adherence to the official language Rules 1976.
  • Publication of House Magazine of HWP(K) in Hindi.
  • Purchase of Hindi Reference Books, Manuals, Magazines, Audio & Video Cassettes etc. for the propagation of Hindi.
  • Organising of Hindi Day Celebration.
  • Preparation of Budget for OL Implementation.
  • Preparation of Bilingual Rubber Stamps and Forms.
  • Encouraging Officers/Employees for their personal involvement in Hindi Noting, Drafting Scheme.
  • To keep the liaison with the Official Language Department, Ministry of Home Affairs for Implementation of OL Policy.
  • Liaison with local authorities for implementation of Off- Site Emergency Exercises.
  • Assisting Public Awareness Committee for educating local population on plant safety to avoid misapprehension on the part of local population.
  • Public relation and liaison with State Government Officials such as SDM/Tehsildar/Patwaris/ Sarpanch etc.
  • Liaison with Local Police, CISF and IB officials.
  • Management of Guest House.
  • Making necessary arrangements for accommodation and transport for Senior Officers/VIPs during their visit at HWP (Kota).
  • Supervision of Transport Section and management of transport contract to meet day to day transport requirement of HWP (K).
  • Obtaining Fitness Certificates/Pollution Free Certificate of Departmental vehicles.
  • Condemnation/ replacement and registration of departmental vehicles.
  • Maintaining all records pertaining to Transport and Guest House.
  • Arranging fuel for departmental vehicles from RAPS petrol pump.
  • Security of HWP (K) colony including management of Security contracts.
  • All security related matters pertaining to HWP (K) including periodical security returns & verification of PVCs.
  • Coordinating with CISF on security related issues pertaining to HWP (K).
  • In-charge of HWP(K) Residential Colony Security.
  • Preparation/implementation of Security Contract for Residential Colony.
  • Issuing of Entry Passes for Colony to Vendors/Contract Labourers.
  • Verification of authenticity of Police Verification Certificates (PVC).
  • Coordinating with Local Police/IB/CID/CISF Intelligence in connection with local law & order situation.
  • Preparation of various periodical returns pertaining to HWP (K) Security related issues.
  • Implementation of Security guidelines/instructions received from various security agencies.
  • Compilation of Action Taken Reports (ATR) on recommendations made by various security agencies like IB, CISF, AERB and Plant Security Committee.
  • Looking after duties of Transport duties during leave/tour absence of Liaison Officer.

PAO is the Head of Accounts is overall in charge of the Accounts section and reports directly to the General Manager, HWP (K) for finance related works and financial matters.

Responsible for:

  • Administrative Controlling authority of Accounts Section.
  • Administrative functions of the Accounts Section.
  • Preparation of Budget Estimates and monitoring expenditure with reference to approved Budget Estimates.
  • Improving skills by imparting guidance & Training and motivating Accounts Personnel.
  • Giving concurrence for the financial proposals.
  • Managing, guiding Accounts Personnel in trouble shooting areas for achieving Total Quality Management.
  • In-charge of Pay & Accounts Office for preparation of monthly Cash Account and its reconciliation at various stages.
  • Budgeting and procurement.
  • Control and signing the Cheques.
  • Reconciliation of Cheques encash, put through statements.
  • Monitoring of expenditure with reference to Budget Estimates.
  • Submission of Reports/Returns to General Manager, HWB, DAE.
  • Authorisation of Pension and other retirement benefits and issue of PPOs.
  • Maintenance of Broad Sheets, Ledgers and its reconciliation in respect of DDR heads.
  • Concurrence of Purchase Proposals.
  • Overall in-charge of payment of Establishment bills.
  • Ensuring quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all in their respective areas of operations.
  • Developing required quality system with a view to ensure control of quality related activities of the sections.
  • Ensuring availability of pertinent documents at all points of use and withdrawal of obsolete documents.
  • Ensuring maintenance and upkeep of quality records.
  • Housekeeping in their respective areas.
  • Preparation, review, recommendation and expediting of indents.
  • In-charge of works Accounts Section.
  • Scrutiny and giving concurrence for works proposals.
  • Clearance of NIT and vetting of works orders.
  • Passing of works bills.
  • In-charge of Cash Section.
  • Participation in negotiations with the contractors.

She/he reports to PAO. The AAO(S) responsible for day to day activities of the Section, Manpower planning, training, review procedures. The AAO(S) is performing the following activities of Accounts with the Advice of PAO.Responsible for:-

  • Passing of Establishment Bills.
  • OTA Claims.
  • Salary Bills.
  • Provident Fund Advance Withdrawals, Checking of PF interest, Broad Sheet, and issuing of PF Annual Statements to all employees.
  • Passing of loans and Advance and monitoring its recovery.
  • Passing of TA/LTC Claims.
  • Assessment of Income and deduction of Tax at source and issue of TDS certificates in Form16 and submission of Form-24Q to ITO.
  • Reconciliation of DDR Heads
  • Preparation and authorization of Pension payment Orders
  • Matters relating to New Pension Scheme.

She/he reports to PAO. The AAO(W) responsible for day to day activities of the Works Section, pre-Auditing of Proposals, NIT vetting, Tender Copy issuing, ensuring proposals in accordance norms prescribed with GFR, CPWD other books of reference issued by Government of India from time to time The AAO(W) is performing the following activities of Accounts with the advice of PAO.

Responsible for: -

  • Day to day activities in works section.
  • Passing of Works Bills.
  • Maintenance of SD/EMD broadsheets and its reconciliation..
  • Recovery of Income Tax and RSGST from contractor’s bills and issue of TDS to the contractors and submission of returns like 24G & 26Q to ITO.
  • Vetting of proposals for NIT and award of contracts.
  • Maintenance of Register of valuables.
  • Clearing of works proposals.
  • Passing of temporary advances and settlement of such adjustments.
  • Passing of debit notes to other DAE Units and its realization.
  • Submission of returns to RSGST/Commercial Tax Authorities.
  • Passing of miscellaneous bills,
  • Evaluation of offers of sale orders.
  • Passing of Suppliers’ Bills, Imp rest Bills.

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