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Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen. Natural water contains nearly 150 ppm Deuterium. Water containing less than natural abundance of deuterium, is known as Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW). It is reported that DDW of 25 ppm to 120 ppm has many positive health applications like anti-cancer/tumor, fight against side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, removal of DNA errors and in cure of diabetes, heart diseases, thalassemia, nonspecific immune defense of the body, anti-ageing and Radio-protective effects.

Heavy water Board in its various Heavy Water Plants produces Heavy Water and produces DDW (between 30 ppm and 125ppm). HWB can supply DDW in varying concentrations between 30 ppm and 125ppm.

Recognizing the growing potential of DDW, HWB promotes the use of DDW by collaborating with Medical Fraternity, Indian Companies, Research Institutes / Academics.

Specification: Any concentration of DDW between 30 ppm and 125 ppm

Last updated on: 03-Aug-2023