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Di- (2-एथिल हेक्सिल) फॉस्फोरिक एसिड TOPS®-99
हिंदी पाठ यथाशीघ्र उपलब्‍ध होगा
Item Unit Value
1 Chemical Name Di-(2-ethyl hexyl)phosphoric acid
2 CAS Number 298-07-7
3 Molecular Formula (C8H17O)2P(O)OH
4 Chemical Structure
5 Molar Mass 322.4 g/mole
6 Appearance Clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid
7 Boiling Point 393 °C (739 °F; 666 °K)

Di-(2-Ethyl Hexyl) phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) is an Organo phosphorus compound which is pale yellow in color and is a diester of phosphoric acid and 2-ethylhexyl alcohol. In the nuclear industry it is used in combination with Tri- butyl Phosphate as nuclear solvent for extraction of Rare metals.

Item Unit Value
Appearance -- Clear, Colorless
Di Ester % >95
Mono Ester % >1.5
Water Content % <0.01
Color ( Gardner) APHA <100
Acid No. mg/gm 170 - 180
Density at 20°C Gm/ cc 0.974 – 0.980
Ref. Index at 25°C - 1.441 – 1.442
Viscosity at 20°C cp 55 - 60
Flash Point ( °C ) °C 150-170
Solubility of water % 2.4
Solubility of water % <0.01

Available denominations: 200 Ltrs in HDPE Drums

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