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सोडियम सल्‍फेट
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Sodium sulfate, Na2SO4  is white powder inorganic compound, highly soluble in water. Sodium sulphate is a by-product which is formed during synthesis of hydrogen sulphide gas. Two grades of Sodium Sulphate, SSM and SSK are produced as per the specification listed below:


Specification SSM SSK
Sodium Sulphate, Na2SO4 87 to 97 % w/w 95-98 % w/w

Chlorides (NaCl)

0.8 to 4.5 % w/w --

Sodium thiosulphate


1-3 % w/w

Sodium Sulphide

1.5 to 5% w/w

< 1 % w/w


< 0.1%


Water content

0.1 to 4% w/w

1 to 2 %

Location of availability & procurement of this product

Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru

Heavy Water Plant, Kota

  • Manufacture of detergents
  • Kraft process of paper pulping
  • Filler in powdered home laundry detergents
  • Fining agent to help remove small air bubbles from molten glass
  • Diluent for food colors

Last updated on: 03-Aug-2023